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Sabtu, 09 November 2013

Children who say bad words

For very funny and friendly they are children , it is very common between 3 and 5 start using bad words . How should parents do ?

If at home the child starts cussing probably catch us off guard. Children begin to use the language and to handle it. The swearing during childhood , are often a strategy to attract attention , provoke, or demonstrate mischief and wit.

Caring for the mouth at home

If we want our children to speak politely , start by the home. If at home you say tacos, quite possibly the child to repeat these patterns. Nevertheless , it is very difficult to control what children learn at school and away from home.

When the child says swearing , parents should consider:

    No child smile or applaud grace.
    Parents also should keep calm and not make a fuss.
    Talking with children to explain why those words are not nice, and what alternatives can be used .
    Teaching children to apologize .

Remember that sometimes insult plays a child's communication gap . It is important for parents to read and seek to form a rich language , so you have alternatives when talking. At home you have to read .

Also must assess whether the child wants to convey some sort of message : do parents often pay more attention to children who misbehave . Here you can see another article about a blogger .